Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wanna hear something funny about 11th and 11th SW? Hehehe...

PerryPie totally totally muscling in here. Until 4x4 changes his password, I have the run of the place. Whoo! Anyway, another post from 4x4.

I was going WB on 11th Ave, stopped at the light. Just as it turned green, a rollerblader came burning up the west sidewalk of SB 11 st, heading north, and figured he could beat all the traffic, cross the road, and jump up on the curb safely. He was going so fast, that he indeed beat the traffic, but he did not get up on the curb safely. A no parking sign took care of that. See my illustration:

Please click image for full blown awesome.


  1. FTR, this happened about 10 years ago. Fuck, was it funny. Sorry about my poor art skills.