Thursday, May 20, 2010

People Who Think They Own the Dominant Merge Lane

Fuck you. You wont keep me out. Not the way you did yesterday at 3:55pm May 19, 2009, to that city truck. Yes you, bitch in the green civic.

Anyone who is familiar with the SW (Richmond Road) area of the city, knows that EB Richmond Road immediately merges it's two lanes into one, after the lights at 37th Street. Most of the timid losers in this city will pile up in the left lane, because it's the dominant lane after the light. And for some reason, they get all pissed off that anyone dares to use the right lane, and will ride the ass of the guy in front to make sure that no right laner gets in front of them. Idiots.
Y'know why these people are pissed, right? Because they figure that they already waited for two light cycles, because they lined up in the left lane two blocks back, and the people in the right lane didn't have to wait at all. If those shitheads would use both lanes, and then merged properly after the light, nobody would get "ahead" of anyone. But that concept is much too hard to grasp for the average Calgarian. Noooo. If a lane cuts out 17 km away, they need to start piling into the other lane IMMEDIATELY!! OMFG! THE LANE WILL END! QUICK! CHANGE LANES!! NOWWW!!!!


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