Thursday, May 20, 2010

This morning I did the greatest thing ever...

I was driving south on Crowchild, and as I passed under 17th ave, some fucking kids up on the overpass spit on my truck. I went up around the corner and exited onto 17th, came down the hill, flipped a Uey by the hospital and came screaming backk up the street and screeched stopped beside them. They all stared at me as I hawked up a loogie and launched it at them through my passenger window, and then took off. Goddamn kids. Only shitty thing about this incident is that the kid managed to hit my windshield smack dab in the middle, but when I spit, it kinda sprayed, so it wasn't the ideal greener to the face. Oh well. I think they got the point. Little fuckers were pretty stunned.

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