Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sifton Blvd & Elbow Dr

Again tonight. I'm heading east on Sifton and wanting to turn south on Elbow, and the struggler in front of me stops! and then looks left, even though the NB Elbow traffic had a green arrow, and there was a stream of cars turning. Are you seriously this stupid? Fricken GO! This is the clearest intersection in Calgary. You can see that there's no pedestrians, you can see that the SB traffic is blocked by the traffic turning west. Why do you need to stop for 5 seconds and then look left? Why can't you look left as you approach the light and therefore get through quicker, and therefore leave time for a bunch more people behind you to get through? Why must you STOP! and then look left? Why doesn't that stream of turning traffic tip you off that you're clear to go?


Why is this not logical to people? I can handle it from a blue hair, but when it's some ditzy chick in her dad's beemer, I just rage.

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