Sunday, May 23, 2010


When I rant, it's hard to remember that most people don't drive as much as I do. I've been told to relax, but that's from shitheads that only drive to and from work. My work requires me to be out and about (driving) all day. Whenever I'm stuck behind some slowpoke fuckass, it costs me a minute or two. By the end of the day, it's a few minutes. By the end of the week, it's almost an hour. Go ahead and tell me to chill out, but I don't walk into your office and fuck your productivity by doing some annoying thing like hiding your stapler, do I? If someone did that, it'd take you a minute or two to find each time, si? Kinda annoying? If it happened a few times a day, do you think you'd get pretty fucking pissed off after awhile? How many minutes would it add up to if someone did this to you a few times a day? How long would it be before looking for your stapler would make you want to kill the way your shitty driving makes me want to kill?

I'm not really asking for much, I just wish that you fuckers would stop doing some really annoying things such as keeping pace with the vehicle beside you. Just back off, or pass, and let the rest of us by. Yes, I'm speeding. I know I'm breaking the law. But FFS, I'm not spaced out on the goddamn phone like you are, I'm fuckin driving to my next site with purpose. Just let me through. Don't get offended, don't hold me up. Just let me pass.

And seriously... What's with these goofs that try to enforce the speed limit? It's a clear skied day, I'm going 95 on 80kph Crowchild, and you need to cut me off to regulate my speed? Why do you care? How about you worry about you, and I worry about me? You're going the limit because it's good and safe. I'm going a bit faster because I drive this stretch 6 times a day, and I'm fully alert (ie, not on the fucking phone, like you). Sorry to pull the "I'm a better driver" card, but honestly, you buttheads act surprised when I pull up behind you. WTF? You haven't been looking in your rearview? Yeah, thought so.

I've never, ever been pulled over for going 10 or 15 over the limit on a clear, empty road (except in Winnipeg). Cops have discretion about things like this, and they know it's not dangerous to go a bit over the limit when the road is clear. What's hazardous is YOU hitting your damn brakes every 3 seconds because you're scared that a cop is going to ticket you for going 84 in an 80. You fuckin loser. You're the same person that hits the brakes when you see a cop passing in the other direction on Deerfoot, eh? Yeah, like he's gonna jump over the divider and chase you down and give you a ticket for going 101. Fuck, you people are stupid.

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  1. Your logic about the stapler is sound. Good way of putting it.