Thursday, May 20, 2010

Get Off My Damn Lawn!!

I should probably post on my own blog, but this one's new and shiny. -Perry

The gas station jokes make me laugh because my first job was at a gas station. I remember this old fucker pulling up to the pump and reaming me out because the price was 46.9 instead of 44.9... "You guys with your prices, blah blah blah"... Like I set the price, you old bastard. Now it's 15 years later and I've seen prices double and triple.

Anyway, I just came to rant (again) about the pants below the ass. FFS, I saw a kid waddling today. Waddling because his stupid fuckin pants were BELOW his ass. Seriously! WTF? Honestly, it has to be more annoying than it is cool. Just try to imagine wearing your pants below your ass. How the fuck do you walk (or God forbid - run) properly?

Wow. I'm only 31 and I want to smack the stupid out of kids. Back when I was stupid, I figured I'd be at least 40 before I hated kids.

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